Can I import contacts?

You can import existing contact data via a CSV file upload. In the Userlike Message Center, select the "Contacts" icon in the left menu to see the complete contact overview. Select "contact imports" to open the upload page and click the button "+ New contact import": 

Choose a CSV file to upload. The file can have up to 10,000 rows, with a maximum file size of 10 MB.

Next, use "Map data" to map the contact data from the file to the available contact data types in Userlike. As an optional step, you can use the unique identifier to avoid creating duplicates of existing contacts and instead update their data.

In the last step, "Start import", choose your import approach. You can decide if only new contacts should be added, only existing contacts should be updated, or both (existing contacts should be updated and new contacts should be added):

Once the import starts, the status changes to "queued". Once the upload is complete, you can open a report. 

If the status changes to "import failed", one or more rows of the file could not be imported and/or updated. An error report is issued. 

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