How do I send a Chat Transcript to an email address?

There are three ways to forward Chat Transcripts per email.

1. During a running live chat session, you can use the "$dispatch" command to send the Transcript of the conversation so far to any email address. Just enter the email address of your choice:

2. Receive the transcript of every completed chat session of your operators at the email address in your operator profile. Open "My Profile" via the context menu in the top right of the dashboard, go to "Notifications" and set the "Conversation emails" to "Ended conversations". You will automatically receive an email with the transcript of every chat that has ended.

3. You can also use our EmailTicket Add-on or connect your CRM to one of our corresponding Add-ons. With the EmailTicket Add-on, you can receive transcripts and notifications at one or more email addresses of your choice. You can also manually trigger the EmailTicket Add-on from the Message Center to transfer a transcript to the address(es) defined in the EmailTicket configuration.

Activate the respective authorization in the widget settings under "Notifications"> "Add-ons".

The transcripts can also be exported manually in the Message Center under "All conversations":


These Chat Transcripts include all user information and notes you might have added during the chat.

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