How can I export or dispatch transcripts?

There are four options to receive transcripts:

1. A manual download. In your Message Center, go to "All Conversations" and select the desired transcripts. Then click on the download icon and choose if you want to download a CSV file or get your transcripts via email. 

2. Dispatch by email. To send a transcript to a specific email address, we recommend using the $dispatch command. Just type $dispatch, a blank space and the email address into the text field, hit enter and the transcript will be sent to the entered email address when the conversation ends.

3. Via an add-on (automatic or manual). You can use one of our add-ons to send transcripts to a CRM. You can either trigger the add-on manually or receive all transcripts automatically. 

4. Automatic via an API. This option is available from our Flex Plan. Here you will find the corresponding documentation.

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