How do I integrate Userlike into an internal network?

If you want to integrate your Userlike Widget into your intranet you'll need to ensure that the following IP addresses and ports are reachable.

Current IP address:

Userlike uses websockets. Therefore, please make sure that websockets are allowed on your network. 

Userlike uses SLL with an RSA 2048 bits encryption, traffic is routed from port 80 to 443.

Please make the following ports accessible:

Website, Dashboard and Message Center:

  • Port 80
  • Port 443

Userlike Messenger:

  • Port 80
  • Port 443

Please allow access to the following URLs:


If you want to use the optional Automation Hub feature, the following subdomains also need to be enabled:

As well as your individual, customer-specific domain for the Automation Hub. Please ask us for this in the support chat.

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